How to Hide Dock at bottom of Screen on Mac

hide dock mac

The dock is one of macOS’s most noteworthy and eye-catching features. It is also very easy to use with lots of customization options. You can also place the dock wherever you like on the screen and adjust its various functions. You can hide dock at the bottom of screen on Mac with two methods. Open … Read more >>

How to Loop a YouTube Video on Mac

How to Loop a YouTube Video on Mac

Have a favorite music video that you want to keep playing it over and over till you’re sick of it on YouTube? Well, that’s what the loop button is for on YouTube. But not everyone is aware of how the loop works. This is why we have created this guide that will help you learn … Read more >>

How to Turn Off Startup Sound on Mac

Turn Off Startup Sound Mac

You must’ve heard the startup sound that the Mac plays whenever it is switched on. However, the Macs sold between 2016 and 2020 do not have this sound during boot. So, if you are looking to get rid of this Startup sound from your Mac, you can try out several methods as mentioned in this … Read more >>

Why is My Screenshot Not Working on Mac – How To Fix

Why is My Screenshot Not Working on Mac

The screenshot feature is built-in to the mac and does not require any additional permissions or software to run. However, sometimes the screenshot function might not work as expected. There can be several reasons for this. But you can fix the issue with the help of several methods. We have tried and tested a few … Read more >>

How to Make a Cent Sign on Mac

how to type a cent sign on mac

There is no visible shortcut on the mac’s keyboard for inputting a cent sign. So, it is common to google the symbol itself and then paste it into any word document. This symbol is handy, especially when filling out spreadsheets or working with financial data. Users may also use the dollar symbol because it’s often … Read more >>

How to Zoom Out on Mac using Several Methods

Zoom out on mac

Zooming in and out on a Mac is pretty easy. Several shortcuts and many adjustments can be made depending on how you want to zoom in and out of the screen. There are a lot of ways that many are not aware of to help you zoom out. You can Zoom out on Mac with … Read more >>

How to Create Txt Files on Mac [4 Ways]

How to Create Txt Files on Mac

Unlike Windows, where you can create text files just by using Notepad, creating text files on a Mac is a bit different. You can create Txt files on Mac using multiple tools and methods. Start with TextEdit and launch the app. Create a new document and click on Format on the menu bar. Simply press … Read more >>

How to Stop Chrome From Opening on Startup on Mac

How to Stop Chrome From Opening on Startup on Mac

Do you ever feel like Chrome starts up on your Mac as soon as you turn it on, whether you want it to or not? This can be really frustrating if you’re trying to get work done and all of a sudden Chrome pops up and takes over your screen. Fortunately, there are a few … Read more >>

Why Is My Volume Low On Mac – How to Fix

Why Is My Volume Low On Mac

Have you also been experiencing low volume on your MacBooks? Well, don’t worry, you are not the only one. There are a lot of users who are going through the same. It isn’t happening with only the new M1 MacBooks. In fact, a lot of users have faced it before, too, with the earlier versions. … Read more >>

How to Change Date And Time on Mac

how to change date and time on mac

The date and time on your Mac are usually synced automatically by apple servers. However, if this issue arises, you can change and switch to other servers to get the correct time and date.  To change date and time on Mac, you can open System Preferences and click on the Date & Time option. Here, … Read more >>